CorporateIntegrity & Governance

roulette demo online Corp’s Anti-Bribery Policy is intended to provide a framework in setting, reviewing, and achieving its anti-bribery objectives. This Policy is to demonstrate the commitment from the Board of Directors and Management in compliance with the requirements of ISO37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS).

To establish zero tolerance on fraud, bribery and corruption, and the procedures to be followed by roulette demo online Corp employees, Turnkey Contractors (TC), Work Package Contractors (WPC), roulette flash game Associates if fraud, bribery or corruption is suspected or detected.

Note: roulette flash game Associates are referring to suppliers, vendors, contractors, consultants or any parties which have a business relationship with roulette demo online Corp.

For the purpose of this Policy, fraud and corruption will include the examples prescribed but will not be limited to the following:

Type of Fraud
Fraudulent Activity
Asset Misappropriation:

  • Stealing from petty cash

  • Stealing incoming cash or cheques

False Payment

  • Creating false payment order;

  • Falsifying authorized signature and submit for payment process;

  • Submitting false expense claims or any false reimbursement.

Cheque fraud

  • Theft of company cheques or cheques by other personnel in the company;

  • Tampering the payee / amount on company cheques / cheques of personnel.

Non-Cash Fraud:
Fixed assets

  • Theft of fixed assets including computers and other IT related items;

  • Theft of proprietary or confidential information.


  • Falsified documents to obtain payment;

  • Marked up invoices;

  • Disclosed contract details, pricing of bidders to a preferential bidder;

  • Rigged of tenders or inserting certain criteria in favour of a particular vendor;

  • Intercepted payments of suppliers.


  • Kickbacks by a supplier in return for the supplier receiving favourable treatment;

  • Preferential treatment of customers in return for a kickback;

  • Excessive prices or fees paid where they are not justified;

  • Creating a contract on project for own benefit without justification.

Personal Interest

  • Collusion with customers/suppliers;

  • Favour a supplier in which the employee has a financial interest;

  • Employee setting up on own company for personal gain.

BriberyInducement offered directly or through intermediary to gain any commercial and/or personal advantage.
Facilitation paymentPayment made to a government official to facilitate approval or speed-up of some type of business transaction or activity.
Non-Financial Fraud:
Employment records

  • Falsified employment credentials e.g. qualifications and acedemic results;

  • Falsified medical certification

Misuse of assets

  • Assets misused (renting company’s equipment to a third party for personal gain);

  • Theft, damage, misappropriation of the company’s assets (stationeries, equipment,
    vehicles, building);

  • Misuse of any information considered confidential to roulette demo online Corp directly or indirectly to any person or company for personal gain or without proper authorization.

All Head of Division/ Department are responsible to:

  • Identify any internal and external risks in their areas of operation;
  • Develop and maintain controls to prevent fraud and corruption;
  • Ensure staff adhere to the existing procedures.

All employees of roulette demo online Corp are responsible to:

  • Act at all times in accordance with the highest standards of integrity;
  • Ensure that existing procedures are followed to address the risk of fraud and corruptions;
  • Ensure that roulette demo online Corp reputation and its assets are safeguarded at all times.
  • Report suspected fraud or any concern on improper behavior of any personnel in accordance with reporting procedures set out in roulette demo online Corp Whistleblower Policy.

Responsibility of TC, WPC, roulette flash game Associates:

  • Shall not attempt to seek bribe or involve in corrupt practice when conducting business with roulette demo online Corp;
  • Shall immediately lodge a report for such acts to Chairman of the Whistleblower Committee or to Chief Integrity and Governance Officer of roulette demo online Corp if there is a request for commission or bribe made by employees of roulette demo online Corp or other parties.
  • Integrity Governance Department is responsible to review and conduct an investigation of all suspected fraudulent and corruption acts as well as other areas which breach roulette demo online Corp’s policy and procedure;
  • The investigation team will have free and unrestricted access to all company’s record, files and documents within the scope of the investigation;
  • In accordance to the Whistleblower Policy, the findings of the investigation shall be reported to the Whistleblower Committee.

Any employee of roulette demo online Corp who violates this Policy shall be subjected to disciplinary actions.

Any TC, WPC, roulette flash game Associates found violating this Policy may face termination in accordance to the terms in the Letter of Award (LOA) and or Contract. For the avoidance of doubt, this is subject to strict proof before the court of law.

roulette demo online Corp has adopted the No Gift Policy and expects that roulette demo online employees, Board Members and roulette flash game Associates to comply.

roulette flash game Associates or their representatives are not allowed to offer or give any gift, hospitality, entertainment either directly or indirectly to roulette demo online Corp employees, Board Members or their families.

Board Members and Employees shall not accept any business meals or entertainment that may be interpreted as having been made with the intent to influence a business decision by roulette demo online Corp. Thus, Board Members or Employees need to exercise proper care and judgment when receiving / providing entertainment to external parties.

To provide an avenue for stakeholders of roulette demo online Corp to disclose any wrongdoings or irregularities in accordance with the procedures as provided under this policy and to provide protection for reporting such allegations.

Note: Stakeholders refer to employee, board members, shareholders and business associates

roulette demo online Corp assures the Whistleblower that he/she would be protected from retaliation or reprisal. All complaints reported to roulette demo online Corp are treated in strict confidence. The Whistleblower’s identity will not be revealed unless it is required by law.

The complaint is preferably in writing, submitted by hand, via post or email, to ensure that there is a clear understanding on the issues raised. The report should be sealed in an envelope if sent via post with “Private and Confidential” indicated and addressed to:

Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd
Level 5, Menara I&P 1, 46 Jalan Dungun,
50490 Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Call 03-20815353
from Monday to Friday
during office hours
(8.30 am to 5.30 pm)

 Appointment at the office
or any agreed location

Email to

In writing to Chief Integrity
and Governance Officer, 6th
Floor, Menara I&P 1, 46
Jalan Dungun, 50490 Bukit
Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

In the event that there are discrepancies between this policy and
the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010, the Act shall prevail.

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